Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Million Card Headache

GRRR...nothing against New York Yankee fans, I wish my owner could spend money on my team the same way your owner does. However, I really REALLY hate the Yankees! This million card code was pulled out of a Series 2 pack today. I should have known I would redeem it and get a Yankee, why you ask? Well, this pack consisted of: Derek Jeter, Joba Chamberlain, Robinson Cano, and for giggles they threw in a former Yankee Melky Cabrera.

I understand New York is a huge market and it will always be represented well in products but if I'm going to get a New York pack, why not make it a Met pack. I don't like them any better then the Yankees, but I also don't get that puke feeling in the back of my throat when I see their cards dominate my packs!

Topps: 2 Me: 0 in this Million Card Giveaway battle

*I know the randomness of buying packs, no worries, this pack just caused a rant to come out*

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