Monday, July 5, 2010

Just enough to shake your head, then stand and clap!

Before I start my post, something happened tonight that was just enough to make me shake my head. Now I never paid much attention to the topic before cause I never found myself buying any retail cards, that is until tonight. With the girlfriend with me, tonight we decided to take a look at what cards a local Walmart had. Not a big A&G collector myself, we wanted to see if any retail made it's way to our city just to pick up a few packs and take a look at what the cards first hand. Then "he" came walking up...

The 55 year old bald man on his cell phone having a fake conversation cause he is too embarrassed to grab the packs in front of us. You know the type, that guy who has never left the basement and his mother still folds his underwear. Anyway, we start moving away from the cards cause there is no A&G, and he pounces. I walked out of view and on the way back around watched him take each pack out of the feeder, stack them nicely and begin to feel. The sad this was, he was doing it to Nascar I don't mean to offend anybody who likes Nascar, but come on...Nascar?!

I finally got to sit and watch for the first time ever in my life, a pack searcher doing his thing live. I felt like I was at the zoo viewing an exhibit about an animal in the wild. "Notice how the hungry animal stalks his motionless prey as his senses are on high alert for other hungry animals in the area."

He gave those poor Nascar cards quite the work over, it was so bad that I felt violated and needed to take a shower after witnessing that...I still feel dirty! I wish I had my camera handy and could have taken a picture of this douche. Nascar cards man...really? You really had to feel each pack of Nascar cards...good god!

Anyway, that was just enough to make me shake my head. While this was enough to make me stand and clap!


As always a classy guy, who deserved the 2008 World Series ring he got with the Phillies. I had the pleasure of meeting Jenkins many times and each time he would take the time to talk with the fans, discuss baseball and his thoughts on the season. He was a homegrown Brewer who came up through the tough times in Milwaukee. I wish he was able to stay a Brewer but we were going young. I will have a better post of Geoff later when he retires, he deserves better then being stuck on a page with the Nascar pack searcher!

These are the things that are just enough to make you shake your head, then make you stand a clap!

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