Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Great Trade

Recently my girlfriend and I had each busted a blaster of Allen & Ginter, and we should have traded boxes. She loves Allen & Ginter for the wacky, goofy, off the wall, and historical cards. I basically just want the Braun and Fielder cards from the set and subsets. We decided to do a little trade, she got my Christopher Columbus mini, my Uranus mini, and a couple other "non" baseball cards. I got:

This Day in History Ryan Braun TDH55

Born November 17th, 1983...this day in history the "Heidi" game is played.
"Locked in an important see-saw battle, the Jets led the Raiders 32-29. Going into the final minute -- and then enthralled tv viewers suddenly were switched to the movie Heidi, what they missed were two Oakland touchdowns. NBC received so many calls of complaint, its switchboard blew"

Awesome card, sweet trade...thanks sweetheart!

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