Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last of the Card Show Loot


Just wanted to post the last of the card show loot, these are a few of the singles I picked up. Overall I ended up spending about 20 bucks and got a few cards I didn't have and a few that I have wanted. There were a couple /facepalm moments at the card show though. Normally I like to get myself a hobby box or two for something to open, but here is what I was working with...

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces the gentleman wanted $90 for it. Really? Blowout just had a sale each box 30 bucks a piece. No thank you sir I will pass.

2010 Topps Heritage, after busting 4 boxes and buying singles of the Short Prints I'm still 33 cards short of the set. However I have probably close to 300 doubles so if anybody is working on the set let me know. Anyway, I thought what the hell maybe pick up a box try to finish off the last 33, for $125 a box I passed. I paid $75 a piece for all 4 I bought earlier.

2010 Bowman....even after all "good" hits have been pulled the wax dealer still wanted close to 400 for a hobby, not even a jumbo. I saw the boxes (he had 2) and I wasn't going to even ask after seeing the prices of the others. Another dealer told me the price he was charging, we then proceeded to have a chat about how outrageous his prices are and how he is lucky to even sell a few packs at the shows.

Anyway, no boxes for me to crack like my girlfriend...just a few singles:

I haven't purchased any 2010 Finest, I simply didn't think the value was worth the money. This is the first Finest card I have purchased this year. 241/299 Ryan Braun. I like it, the background is works.

The second card is Prince Fielder Spectrum Jersey numbered to 199. I have lots of refractors and auto's of Prince, not many jersey cards so I figured let's get one. It has a clean design that I like, and it looks nice in the collection.

Topps All-Star Prince. I have a version that is not numbered and saw this, figured for a buck why not get the numbered version. Not the greatest card, but one that will fit in the collection just fine. Don't worry about the big black 5 on the scan, it's just on the penny sleeve. Forgot to change it and put the card in a new one!

These last two are cards that I saw at the end of the show and still had some coin in my pocket. I love this guy, he defines Milwaukee and I have posted on him before. I paid two bucks a piece for these, that might be too much but oh well, it's Mr. Baseball!

I did pick up a few Brewer mixed "grab packs", one because I needed the Alcides Escobar RC that was on the front. The other because there was a 1989 Topps Robin Yount that I did not have for some reason. The dealer was cool and sold me both of those packs for a buck. Can't beat getting around 50 Brewers for a buck.

All in all I enjoyed the show. Didn't have the same feel as Gonzaga Hall in Milwaukee but a mall show usually doesn't. There were like 10 tables and each person minus the table I spent my 20 bucks at seem to think their cards were worth 2 or 3 times what I could get them on eBay for. I bet next month I will go back and see the same 2008 Masterpiece box for 90 again.../sigh

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