Sunday, July 11, 2010

Card Show Loot Part 2

Hello, back for Round 2 of the card show loot my girlfriend picked up on Saturday. She was willing once again to share a few of her favorite cards from the show so let's show them off again!

Brett Favre, who?! The future of the Green Bay Packers is in very capable hands with the young quarterback from Cal. For all the crap he took about Favre, it has to be said he handled it with class. Very excited to see what #12 can do again this year, and can't wait to watch Favre choke away another year for the Vikings!

This cool little card/book brings back great memories of Hall of Famer Reggie White. White came to the Packers and our world changed for the better! Finally Green Bay was relevant in the nation sports world again, free agents actually wanted to come here. If Reggie White could come to cold little Green Bay, it was ok for Santana Dotson, Sean Jones, Keith Jackson, Eugene Robinson, and all the other veterans that helped get us over the top. While some of those guys were traded for, they still wanted to be part of something special. And something extremely special did happen, Reggie White took over the Super Bowl sacking Drew Bledsoe a total of 3 times.

RIP Reggie White, you are truly missed here in Wisconsin!

Finally some more Packers from the grab bag she wanted to share:

I'm so happy she collects cards with me, it was a lot of fun going to the show with her, watching her look at all the cards. I think she picked out some good ones, easily guys you can root for! She has started quite the collection and it will be fun for me to keep taking her to shows!

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