Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July cleaning..

I normally always have Sunday's off and always seem to use them as lazy days where I don't do much. I watch movies, maybe take a nap, but most of the time I go through a box of baseball cards I haven't seen in awhile then talk about them non stop with my girlfriend who seems to enjoy it, or she just could be too polite to say she doesn't.

Now for anyone that has come here and read a post or two of mine knows that I am a Milwaukee Brewer fan. My collection mainly revolves around current Brewers and former Brewer greats. However, because we had the Milwaukee Braves prior to Bud Selig getting the Seattle Pilots to the Midwest, I also have a soft spot for the Atlanta Braves. I have a collection of Milwaukee Brave players that I have recently started to kinda honor baseball past in Milwaukee.

Now I have no doubt that somebody somewhere in the blogosphere has touched on 1993 Triple Play baseball, but I found an old card in the box on Sunday that brought back memories of cracking junk wax packs. Other then Milwaukee Brewers, I collected two other players. I traded friends, bought from dime boxes, searched rummage sales for this guy:

That's right...Prime Time himself, Mr. Deion Sanders. In 1989 Sanders not only hit a homer but he also scored a touchdown in the same week, THE SAME WEEK! Of course he is not a HOF baseball player by any means, but I was 8 and he was cool! Sanders has a career .263 AVG with 186 stolen bases. He was brash and cocky but had blazing speed and a fun nickname. Hey it worked for me as a kid, I was suckered in!

Seeing this card made me wonder what happened to my other nickname Triple Play card, the "Crime Dog" Fred McGriff.

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