Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1st!

Well it is August finally and I think it's the best month of the year usually. The State Fair is coming upon us which means some good beer, good music, and some Saz's sour cream and chive fries! Also we have Green Bay Packer Family Night and training camp coming. Preseason games are always fun during the summer to just sit back drink and grill, all the while watching some of the rookies who we hope can contribute to the team.

It also means that the baseball trade deadline is over, and the good teams made moves to make themselves better, the Brewers stayed put and did nothing. I'm happy we didn't make a trade for the sake of making a trade, however, if Melvin believes he is still in contention where was the pitching help? After last nights drubbing at the hands of the Houston, it should be apparent to Melvin that a few things need to change.

The biggest change that needs to happen:

This guy needs to go and go now! It's not his fault he was stuck with this shitty pitching staff again, however...he doesn't steal, hit and run, sacrifice. He just doesn't seem to know how to manage a game in the National League. There is no pressure on the defense, he again just falls into the wait for the big 3 run homer each inning. It's disgusting to see him in the dugout at this point. 4 loses in a row makes me sick, we better win today.

Next, I'm happy we didn't trade this guy:

While I think his defense needs to be polished up quite a bit more, there is no denying his offensive talents. He strikes out too much for a leadoff hitter, but if Fielder ever gets traded, I think Weeks could move down in the order and still provide that offensive output we need. Very glad he is still a Brewer, I know some people around here wanted Weeks traded along with Fielder and Hart.

Finally...on a different subject, with a new month I believe is going to bring a new focus to my collection. I think it is time to start putting focus to my Ryan Braun collection instead of Prince. Still kinda feel raw about his comments towards the club.

My first pickup that came yesterday but I'm calling it a new August month pickup:

It's funny, I have close to about 20 Braun auto's yet I didn't not have any of his Bowman Chrome cards. So I figured i'm going with a little pick up to start with considering my bday is coming in less then a week.

Even though we didn't do anything at the deadline, and we are still playing like crap it kinda feels like a new era for Milwaukee baseball...changes will be made with this club and my card collecting habits! a fresh new month!

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