Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pins and Needles...

So, this week has been filled with some highs and lows for the beloved Brew Crew. We swept through the Nationals like they were nothing, then met the Reds at Miller Park. We took game 1 in dramatic fashion, then proceeded to forget how to hit, pitch, and field in the remaining two games. Playoff hopes are fading and the inevitable is possibly going to happen.

I have been going back and forth with the trade deadline approaching, on one hand Prince Fielder is a premier power hitter that would be hard to replace on a top offense. On the other hand he could bring possibly some much needed pitching help as long as Doug Melvin doesn't screw it up. But before a game this week, Fielder gave an interview about the rumors of being traded. One comment that was said hurt the most.

“It’s part of the game, so I expect it. The only reason I’d be a little down is because I’m leaving the guys I came up with. Other than that, it’s a business. That’s the only thing I’d miss, is my teammates.”

Really Prince...the only thing you would miss is your teammates? Hmmm, not the 3 million fans that have come through the gates to see you. The people that embraced the fact you didn't want to be your father. The same people who bought your jersey and wear it proudly, the same guys who stick up for you when they call you Princess. That comment he made for some reason stung me personally, and while it is a business and it shouldn't have, there is something to be said for your favorite player on your favorite team basically not acknowledging he would also be leaving the great fans of Milwaukee behind.

I collected cards as a kid like a lot of us, however I stopped collecting for many years. Prince Fielder is the reason I came back to the hobby. I have autographed cards, an official game used autograph bat my brother gave me as a college graduation present, jerseys featuring his name. I went toe to toe with Boston fans inside Fenway Park that were relentless in calling him fat and useless as a first baseman. I never had more fun walking around the city of Boston wearing my retro Fielder jersey listening to the Red Sox fans giving me a ribbing for wearing it in their city back in 2008.

I had planned on collecting Prince even if he was/is traded during this trade deadline or before the end of 2011, however now I'm stuck. Maybe I take the comments out of context, but would a simple "I will miss the fans of Milwaukee" comment really been that hard to throw in there. He wouldn't even have to have meant it, we wouldn't know the difference.

I just know now that when I watch him play, I will look at him and my collection of him much differently. I just want the trade deadline to be over already. So I ask, anybody else have a hard time collecting their favorite player if they are no longer on their favorite team?

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