Monday, May 17, 2010

Just a few scans...

Well after an eventful weekend of working and celebrating my girlfriend's college graduation (congrats again sweetheart!) I have finally gotten some scans taken care of. Everyone has seen the bowman product already, but I figured I would show a few of my cards...

While I love these cards, the scanner doesn't always do them justice.

It was nice getting a few Strasburg 1st Chrome cards, always nice to have some for the set and some to put into my personal collection!

There is much more to scan including the colored refractor's and such I pulled, but I assume everyone has seen scans of those already. I know a lot of people order by the case and then sell everything they get, I just like collecting this product. The autographs are nice and 3 per jumbo made the breaks even more exciting, I think the Martin Perez auto was sweet even without it being numbered. That young kid is exciting and I'm envious of Ranger fans...he would look great in Brewer colors!

My jumbo boxes yielded me a full base set with many doubles. I also was able to put together the 1st year base card set as well! With the 1st year Chrome set complete, the regular base and 1st year base sets complete, I'm able to work on the gold and blue variations of the regular set. My 2010 Bowman binder will look sweet once they are all complete!

But I must say there is an insert set that slowly has grown on me and has become probably my favorite so far this year...stay tuned!

Overall grade for 2010 Bowman: A-
That minus would be a plus if only my 1st box didn't suffer so much damage.
My other boxes didn't nearly have the same trouble so maybe it was just something that happened in packaging...oh well...I still saved a few cards from that box!

Friday, May 14, 2010

All packs have been busted...

So my adventure in 2010 Bowman has taken a few days to open each pack and examine the cards. Normally busting a few boxes only takes a few hours, but due to this being one of my favorite products I like to take my time and examine each card.

I want to post scans and will of what I have pulled, but trying to sort through which chrome prospects, base prospects and regular base cards to show is time consuming. Fear not though, I will have pictures up very very soon of at least the auto's.

From my readings around the web, I have heard that many people have been shorted an auto out of their jumbo box, or are getting two auto's from a regular hobby. While I didn't have any of those issues, my first box made me quite frightened about the product and had me thinking I should sell the rest of the unopened boxes.

My first jumbo had terrible terrible issues with damaged cards. Chrome cards chipping or scratched, corners just completely bent. It was disgusting to look at and had me very happy I was in early on pricing. If I spent $160-$180 on a box to have that happen, I would have been pissed.

Well it's back to work, hopefully will have some scans up tonight and more thoughts on this product.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

That warm feeling...

That oh so good warm tingly feeling can only mean one thing....

Yes, my favorite product of the year (don't worry Bowman Chrome & Bowman DP&P's I love you just as much ;) ) has arrived in my house and is ready to be broken wide open! I will post the results and a product review probably tomorrow as there is so much to bust!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Group Break Results

After reading some comments about the lack of interest in 2010 products so far on a post made by the Cardboard Junkie, it got me to thinking about a group break I participated in. I grabbed the envelope, cracked it open and here is what was inside.
Product: 2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History
Teams: Tampa Bay Rays and Florida Marlins
Group Break Sponsor: Thorzul

This was the first group break I have ever participated in and I must thank Thorzul for allowing me to buy a few spots. While I am not a fan of either team, I have watched numerous breaks throughout the blogosphere and thought I had to get in one! Also in this package were the base cards, and I managed to score some rookies as well which was cool.

Finally, a few days ago I took a trip to check out a card shop I have never visited before and managed to score some nice pieces for very little coin. I will have them scanned and posted soon for you all to see!