Monday, June 28, 2010

My Guilty Pleasure...

Recently I won a card from an eBay auction that got me excited. Now I know quite a few collectors do not like these types of cards because they are not "real" patches or logos, but damn I think they look good. The card you ask:

You can call this card whatever you want, but for me the price was well under what I would pay for something of this nature and was too good to pass up. When 2010 Topps Series 1 came out and these hat logos began to make their way to the bay I sat and debated back and forth if I should go get the Fielder and Braun. Each time the bidding would get around 20 and there are so many other cards I need that I wouldn't pull the trigger. Then Topps gives us a second round of these hats, only this time the design changed. I like the gimmicky nature of 4th of July logos and adding Fielder to my collection had to be done.

I respect Prince for the type of player he is, the intensity he brings to the game, and how he is his own worst critic. His production is down and maybe that helped me get this card for the cheap (or maybe people really don't like these designs), but as a Brewer fan we are going to need Prince and I fully believe he will turn it around and get hot soon.

As a fan I wear my Fielder jersey proudly and never back down when people make comments about how he needs to be traded. I don't want him to be traded but I know it's going to happen...until then...4th of July Fielder hat logo...welcome to Oshkosh and my collection!

*Image borrowed from, my scanner crapped out on me tonight*

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Card Giveaway...

Back again and much more sober than I was last night. Every year in Oshkosh the city holds a Country USA music festival and while I don't care much for country music, seeing people from all over the country purchasing countless cases of beer really got me in the mood to have a few myself.

So as the previous post pointed out, I decided to redeem some codes to see what all the fuss was about. I guess I could understand why Topps would give these cards away, they are pretty much the same cards I have given away to Goodwill, friend's kids, and etc.

Anyway it's still a lot of fun, so lets take a peek at my next redemption:

1996 Topps John Flaherty

So I have to be honest in saying I didn't know much about this ballplayer prior to looking him up. He was drafted by the Red Sox originally, however he played with numerous teams over the course of his career. Has a .252 career BA with 80 HR and 395 RBI. The impressive aspect of his career involved his 26 game hitting streak which is 3rd longest all time by a catcher. He trailed only Sandy Alomar Jr. and Benito Santiago for that longest streak. That is some impressive company if you were to ask me.

Flaherty retired from baseball after a spring training with the Red Sox in 2006, and has since gone on to work for the YES Network serving in various roles for the Yankee broadcast.

3 codes down and I'm not sure when exactly I will redeem my next 4. However I think I will keep buying packs to get these codes cause it is kinda fun!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Million Card Giveaway

So recently I noticed the posts I make are normally Milwaukee Brewer related, so after some great Hamm's Beer tonight (9 bucks for a case, can't be beat) I decided to take some of the million card giveaway codes I have gotten from Topps Series 2 retail packs and redeemed them to find out what I could get...

Needless to say, should have sat on them...! So number one on the docket...

1974 Tom Hall

Mr. Hall didn't have the longest of careers nor was he the greatest player ever, however can't be mad with getting a 74 Topps. Tom Hall played from 1968-1977 and went 52-33 with a 3.27ERA and 797 Strikeouts. He traveled around well for his career playing with the Twins,Reds,Mets, and Royals. The highlight of his career in my opinion was playing with the Big Red Machine and winning 1 National League Pennant.

The next redemption went straight downhill!

Mike Simms was my next redemption...oh boy where to start with him. Mr. Simms has a career .247 Average with 36 Homeruns and 121 RBI. He did get to play six seasons with the Astro's and 3 seasons with the Texas Rangers, so at least he got to stay in the state of Texas. Not much left to say about him other then his last Major League Appearance was October 3rd, 1999.

I did redeem another card in my drunken wisdom but I can't stand the Yankees and this guy deserves a better post then the rant I want to post. For the Yankee fans his nickname is "Flash" and I will post on him later.

I now realize alot of beer and million card giveaway codes can be a deadly combination and they should not be taken lightly! Round 1 to Topps, however this war is not over! :)

*on a side note, if this post doesn't make sense or has many spelling and grammatical errors my bad, drank A LOT!

Friday, June 25, 2010

#20 has #1!

June 25, 2010 4th inning vs. Seattle at Miller Park off Ryan Rowland-Smith...
A huge congrats to Jonathan Lucroy for his first major league homerun and RBIs. As many Brewer fans have noticed, as Lucroy has caught more the Brewer pitching staff has seemed to be better.

I'm glad he is getting the majority of starts, and I'm extremely happy he got this monkey off his back! His cards seem to be a great value for any Brewer collector!

Congrats once again Jonathan and hopefully we see many more this year!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sweet Memories...

I'm sure everybody remembers this fine product that was put out in 1992. I was about 12 years old when this product came out, and it was an exciting time. While Mike Piazza, Mariano Rivera, and Manny Ramirez seemed to be the big draws, this Wisconsin boy was after one card from this set.

I still remember the summer of 1992 like it was yesterday. A prospect drafted in 1984 had finally made his way to the big show and debuted in Milwaukee in the month of July. With my little league career starting to blossom at first base, I instantly took a liking to this prospect and this is where my pack ripping addiction probably began. See where everyone was after Mr. Piazza I wanted only one card...

That's right...John Jaha!!!

I must have busted pack after pack after pack (well with what money a 12 year old had) and nothing. My mother use to drive me to a card shop in Hartford, Wisconsin and he had one in the case marked for sale. My mom would just tell me to buy it, but it wouldn't have been the same. I had to pull this card for myself...I needed to be able to tell the story to my friends how I pulled the next big slugger for the Brewers, a guy who would lead us to the World Series once again. Jaha played in 47 games that year, he hit .226 with 2HR and 10RBI, but it didn't matter to me. He looked the part and was just getting a feel for the big league game. I wanted to be Jaha on the diamond during my games and I wanted that 1992 Bowman John Jaha card bad.

However it never happened, I was never able to get that card out of a pack! John Jaha never lead us to the World Series and somehow my life continued on to this point.

Yet, something magical happened this year. Something that would ease the pain of my childhood misfortune and complete the circle. Topps wanted to make sure that anybody who loved 1992 Bowman would be able to relive those memories again. As I opened my first 2010 Bowman Jumbo pack a certain card stared back at me. I immediately put the card in a toploader and laughed. I didn't remember reading about this subset in the checklist but it made me happy anyway.

Meet my reward for not pulling John Jaha in 1992:

The Hebrew Hammer on a 1992 Bowman design...EPIC! Best subset ever...thank you Topps!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's been awhile...

Hello again,

It has been awhile since my last post while I have come down from my 2010 Bowman binge. All in all I enjoyed my purchases the first week of release and have not purchased anything since. I'm very glad I preordered when I did cause these prices are going insane, and while I would like to buy more I think I'm going to go after a new project.

Tonight I learned something about myself...A)While I want the Milwaukee Bucks to do well I really really really can not stand David Stern, the NBA, and the LA Lakers. It amazes me that they try to sell this as epic when really I'm watching predetermined nonsense! And B)spending 35 bucks on retail packs of Topps Series 2 is impulse at it's finest!

My scanner kinda dropped dead on me but as soon I as I fix that I will post some results from my impulse purchase. With my Heritage project just about finished, I'm going to have to get a binder together and start organizing. However this time around I think I'm just going to purchase retail to build my set. So give me a few days and hit me up I should probably have doubles, also I don't believe I will put the insert sets together so I should have those available as well!