Saturday, July 24, 2010

Card Shop Stories...

So a few days ago we made a trip across the lake to check out another card shop we have never been to, needless to say it was so so. Not many singles but they did have a whole lot of wax. As I was reminded while in the store, don't go crazy because my birthday is coming up and you never know what might be waiting for me. So instead I picked up 5 packs of series 2 Topps, and went over to my favorite part of the store. The 25 cent up to 2 dollar junk wax bin. I couldn't resist and picked up 6 packs of different cards. Let's start with 1993 Topps Stadium Club Series 1:

Topps tells me to look for special 1st day production cards in this set and my cards cards are high definition premium photography! I would analyze these cards myself, however Topps did just a great job on the back themselves I will just share what they wrote.

299Members Choice Larry Walker "Walker is a complete player who may be on the verge of becoming a perennial All-Star. At 26, Walker is just approaching his prime."
200 Frank Thomas"Big Hurt could walk away with the 1993 MVP award"
47 Pete Incaviglia"Pete is excellent swinging at the first pitch"
205 Alejandro Pena"Pena is brutal on lefties"
239 Moises Alou"Moises is a great leadoff hitter"
172 Mark Lemke"Mark puts up great numbers in August"
104 Randy Tomlin"Randy has never lost in April"
233 Jose Rijo"Jose was very effective down the stretch"
88 1st Day Production Craig Wilson"Craig does well in the clutch"

232 Geno Petralli"Geno performs very well against groundball pitchers"
276 Mariano Duncan"Duncan loves to play during the day"
89 Melvin Nieves"Melvin hit best last season as a left fielder"
93 Jeff King"Jeff is an excellent third baseman"
260 Jeff Brantley"Jeff pitches very well as a starter"
114 Chico Walker"Chico mashes the first pitch"

Ah, good times back in 93'...stay tuned for 1993 Topps Stadium Club Series 2!

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