Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stadium Club Series 2

Back again after a nice relaxing afternoon. After Corey Hart hit a 2 run homer to end the scoreless streak of innings somewhere in the 20s for the Brewers, I decided to take a nap. Of course I would wake up to find out the Crew was swept right out of Houston.

Anyway, I decided to show a few of the cards from:

If you remember correctly I bought some junk wax packs on the cheap at a card shop my girlfriend and I visited. Here are some of the results from this pack.

I received a member's choice John Smoltz. I have always respected a guy who went from being a dominant starter to a dominant closer, and then going back to a starter once again. I won't lie to you all though, it was extremely painful to watch him change uniforms after so many years in Atlanta. The toughest when he joined the St. Louis Cardinals. I will say I enjoyed listening to John Smoltz the few times I have heard him in the booth on TBS. A 20 win/50 save only 2nd guy to do it in the history of the game, not bad for a 25 cent pack.

The other card in the picture is "Primetime" himself, after finding some Deion and McGriff cards I once had as a kid, it kinda makes me feel as though I should start collecting them again.

During my baseball career I pitched and played first base. So I thought let me show you the only other 2 cards in the pack that caught my eye.

The first card, former Milwaukee Brewer Doug Henry. He made his major league debut in 1991 and finished 8th in AL Rookie of the Year voting. Could it be that Milwaukee had found their closer of the future? He finished 1991 with a 1.00ERA and 15 saves, he also had a 2-1 record on the year while being featured in 32 games. However what I remember Henry the most for was being traded to the Mets for a minor league player by the name of Fernando Vina. I still have a Vina faded ballpoint pen autograph on a ball somewhere at my parents house, when he took the time after a game to sign for fans on his way to his car. Pretty cool stuff.

The next card is of Dave Righetti. Why I chose to show you this card really deals with the fact that when I became a pitcher, I went out and begged my mother to buy me a Wilson Dave Righetti glove so I could be dominant on the mound. Funny thing about that glove, it's sitting over on my bookshelf as I type this. That thing is almost 20 years old now. Anyway, Righetti was the 1981 AL Rookie of the Year and 2 years later he threw a no hitter. Dave was a two time all star, though he played with a number of teams throughout his career. With over 1,000 strikeouts 250 saves, and a sub 4 ERA for his career, I think it's pretty safe to say the Giants have a damn good pitching coach!

Well that's all for 1993 Topps Stadium Club Series 2, but don't worry...yes that is right...I also bought a pack of Series 3 as well! Stay tuned for that sometime soon!

Oh yeah 1 more thing....FIRE MACHA AND MELVIN NOW! Ok I feel a little bit better! :)

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