Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Bday

My apologies for the lack of posts lately, just have had a lot of stuff going on. Yesterday was my birthday and I must say it was an awesome time. I just finished opening up my gifts from my girlfriend and I must say she outdid herself.

The card blogosphere may only be interested in one of the gifts off this list however I will list them here for you all now anyway!

1) An evening at Lambeau Field for the Packers Family Night last night. This was an awesome time, we had seats 18 rows from the field, I got to drink some Berghoff Rock River Red Ale, and also got to grill some brats, burgers, and dogs. I tear up every time I walk into Lambeau, there really is no more special place then that one!

2) A hobby box of Topps Series 2 to help me finish my set. I have been trying to put it together through retail only but I probably have spent at least 2 jumbo boxes worth already and still need 100 cards. Retail building of sets....bad way to go in my opinion. Can't wait to crack into this box!

3) Finally, the best gift of all...I got a Gibson Electric guitar that I have been wanting since well since I heard "Limelight" by Rush for the first time and knew I had to be able to play that song.

I'm so excited right now you all have no idea, a truly awesome birthday experience. Hopefully I will have pictures from last night up and ready and some scans from the box I'm going to go break with my girlfriend before the day is over! :)

Another thing...anybody else get the same birthday wish from friends and family. It was like they were all in sync with each other...same common theme "last year of your 20's...enjoy it" I must have received 10 text messages saying that exact phrase! :)

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