Friday, June 18, 2010

Sweet Memories...

I'm sure everybody remembers this fine product that was put out in 1992. I was about 12 years old when this product came out, and it was an exciting time. While Mike Piazza, Mariano Rivera, and Manny Ramirez seemed to be the big draws, this Wisconsin boy was after one card from this set.

I still remember the summer of 1992 like it was yesterday. A prospect drafted in 1984 had finally made his way to the big show and debuted in Milwaukee in the month of July. With my little league career starting to blossom at first base, I instantly took a liking to this prospect and this is where my pack ripping addiction probably began. See where everyone was after Mr. Piazza I wanted only one card...

That's right...John Jaha!!!

I must have busted pack after pack after pack (well with what money a 12 year old had) and nothing. My mother use to drive me to a card shop in Hartford, Wisconsin and he had one in the case marked for sale. My mom would just tell me to buy it, but it wouldn't have been the same. I had to pull this card for myself...I needed to be able to tell the story to my friends how I pulled the next big slugger for the Brewers, a guy who would lead us to the World Series once again. Jaha played in 47 games that year, he hit .226 with 2HR and 10RBI, but it didn't matter to me. He looked the part and was just getting a feel for the big league game. I wanted to be Jaha on the diamond during my games and I wanted that 1992 Bowman John Jaha card bad.

However it never happened, I was never able to get that card out of a pack! John Jaha never lead us to the World Series and somehow my life continued on to this point.

Yet, something magical happened this year. Something that would ease the pain of my childhood misfortune and complete the circle. Topps wanted to make sure that anybody who loved 1992 Bowman would be able to relive those memories again. As I opened my first 2010 Bowman Jumbo pack a certain card stared back at me. I immediately put the card in a toploader and laughed. I didn't remember reading about this subset in the checklist but it made me happy anyway.

Meet my reward for not pulling John Jaha in 1992:

The Hebrew Hammer on a 1992 Bowman design...EPIC! Best subset ever...thank you Topps!

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