Monday, June 28, 2010

My Guilty Pleasure...

Recently I won a card from an eBay auction that got me excited. Now I know quite a few collectors do not like these types of cards because they are not "real" patches or logos, but damn I think they look good. The card you ask:

You can call this card whatever you want, but for me the price was well under what I would pay for something of this nature and was too good to pass up. When 2010 Topps Series 1 came out and these hat logos began to make their way to the bay I sat and debated back and forth if I should go get the Fielder and Braun. Each time the bidding would get around 20 and there are so many other cards I need that I wouldn't pull the trigger. Then Topps gives us a second round of these hats, only this time the design changed. I like the gimmicky nature of 4th of July logos and adding Fielder to my collection had to be done.

I respect Prince for the type of player he is, the intensity he brings to the game, and how he is his own worst critic. His production is down and maybe that helped me get this card for the cheap (or maybe people really don't like these designs), but as a Brewer fan we are going to need Prince and I fully believe he will turn it around and get hot soon.

As a fan I wear my Fielder jersey proudly and never back down when people make comments about how he needs to be traded. I don't want him to be traded but I know it's going to happen...until then...4th of July Fielder hat logo...welcome to Oshkosh and my collection!

*Image borrowed from, my scanner crapped out on me tonight*

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