Saturday, June 26, 2010

Million Card Giveaway

So recently I noticed the posts I make are normally Milwaukee Brewer related, so after some great Hamm's Beer tonight (9 bucks for a case, can't be beat) I decided to take some of the million card giveaway codes I have gotten from Topps Series 2 retail packs and redeemed them to find out what I could get...

Needless to say, should have sat on them...! So number one on the docket...

1974 Tom Hall

Mr. Hall didn't have the longest of careers nor was he the greatest player ever, however can't be mad with getting a 74 Topps. Tom Hall played from 1968-1977 and went 52-33 with a 3.27ERA and 797 Strikeouts. He traveled around well for his career playing with the Twins,Reds,Mets, and Royals. The highlight of his career in my opinion was playing with the Big Red Machine and winning 1 National League Pennant.

The next redemption went straight downhill!

Mike Simms was my next redemption...oh boy where to start with him. Mr. Simms has a career .247 Average with 36 Homeruns and 121 RBI. He did get to play six seasons with the Astro's and 3 seasons with the Texas Rangers, so at least he got to stay in the state of Texas. Not much left to say about him other then his last Major League Appearance was October 3rd, 1999.

I did redeem another card in my drunken wisdom but I can't stand the Yankees and this guy deserves a better post then the rant I want to post. For the Yankee fans his nickname is "Flash" and I will post on him later.

I now realize alot of beer and million card giveaway codes can be a deadly combination and they should not be taken lightly! Round 1 to Topps, however this war is not over! :)

*on a side note, if this post doesn't make sense or has many spelling and grammatical errors my bad, drank A LOT!

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