Monday, May 17, 2010

Just a few scans...

Well after an eventful weekend of working and celebrating my girlfriend's college graduation (congrats again sweetheart!) I have finally gotten some scans taken care of. Everyone has seen the bowman product already, but I figured I would show a few of my cards...

While I love these cards, the scanner doesn't always do them justice.

It was nice getting a few Strasburg 1st Chrome cards, always nice to have some for the set and some to put into my personal collection!

There is much more to scan including the colored refractor's and such I pulled, but I assume everyone has seen scans of those already. I know a lot of people order by the case and then sell everything they get, I just like collecting this product. The autographs are nice and 3 per jumbo made the breaks even more exciting, I think the Martin Perez auto was sweet even without it being numbered. That young kid is exciting and I'm envious of Ranger fans...he would look great in Brewer colors!

My jumbo boxes yielded me a full base set with many doubles. I also was able to put together the 1st year base card set as well! With the 1st year Chrome set complete, the regular base and 1st year base sets complete, I'm able to work on the gold and blue variations of the regular set. My 2010 Bowman binder will look sweet once they are all complete!

But I must say there is an insert set that slowly has grown on me and has become probably my favorite so far this year...stay tuned!

Overall grade for 2010 Bowman: A-
That minus would be a plus if only my 1st box didn't suffer so much damage.
My other boxes didn't nearly have the same trouble so maybe it was just something that happened in packaging...oh well...I still saved a few cards from that box!

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