Friday, May 14, 2010

All packs have been busted...

So my adventure in 2010 Bowman has taken a few days to open each pack and examine the cards. Normally busting a few boxes only takes a few hours, but due to this being one of my favorite products I like to take my time and examine each card.

I want to post scans and will of what I have pulled, but trying to sort through which chrome prospects, base prospects and regular base cards to show is time consuming. Fear not though, I will have pictures up very very soon of at least the auto's.

From my readings around the web, I have heard that many people have been shorted an auto out of their jumbo box, or are getting two auto's from a regular hobby. While I didn't have any of those issues, my first box made me quite frightened about the product and had me thinking I should sell the rest of the unopened boxes.

My first jumbo had terrible terrible issues with damaged cards. Chrome cards chipping or scratched, corners just completely bent. It was disgusting to look at and had me very happy I was in early on pricing. If I spent $160-$180 on a box to have that happen, I would have been pissed.

Well it's back to work, hopefully will have some scans up tonight and more thoughts on this product.

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